by MCD






released 11 August 2014



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Track Name: Horrid
Callin' me disturbing cause I'm ripping their arms off
Brick through your window you could call me alarm clock
Done with the small talk you should say to shock
Or say your peace cause its not happening with me
I'll chop your darn jock
Call the doctors tell em all theres an emergency
Hurry to my house with all your speed and your urgency
Well they'll urge to see the surgeon
While I churn her in my surgery
No mercy, well I'll certainly see you but just not currently
I'm kinda busy with the marijuana (Marriage-u-wanna)
I'm ironically burning by putting crackheads in lava
Throw them bombs up on the roof of their mazda
Give em 4 seconds to live with their relationship drama
Mama and papa looking kinda sardonic
Or maybe morbid couldn't tell with all their histrionic I'm horrid
And well I cordially invite you to go eat some broken glass
Like the Oculus the populace may kill me at last
Mister sinner, get up at your peace and eat your glitter
So I'm not a winner, least I'm still a spitter
Met a big kid in a rink dink sandbox
Wanted all my money and I told him that I cannot
Went home with a dirt-black eye
Got a death wish, wish I could squish him by tonight
Might try it so I packed a bag and left fast
Then I sat and waited for him to pass
Here he comes now, see me and he busts out loud
Wants to take some teeth out of my mouth
When they found him he was filled with maggots and rats
Well he never stood a chance against that rabid cat
And well the aftermath is when disaster's after you
You can bet it will be me that's laughing
Track Name: Warming Up
Pressed harder than the button
on the controller of an angered kid
When he'd slipped on his virtual bridge
I see you're saying I'm violent
Well I'm kind of a psycho
And if you're trying to silence me than you're proddin the lion
I'll stick a stake in your skull it'll make you smarter
Line up with critics who hate my lyrics and be their martyr
I spit it bigger than the bigot who says I didnt
And if he really ever wants to fight, then I'll see him missing
I bridge the gap of the lame and the entertainment
You blame it on all outrageous fanatics I could be gracious
But I'm not all feeling it today
Guess I'm shorted on emotions and the cure is to slay
All these dirt brained kids who just found their day horrific
Ran amok with me and then they checked in the clinic
Kiss the blisters and his head and his legs and his torso
More or less an act of maybe playing on all her hormones
Remorse is short for just wanting to be immortal
And after I leave the custody, leave behind what is normal

I cant, focus, I cant, breath
I cant, I'm broken, you're broken, what's psychosis?

Psychosis the beginning of all things atrocious
It takes all your brain and sets it apart like moses
The diagnosis is opening up the chests
of chess playing kids and eating the innards so ferocious
When you boast it denotes what I ever thought
of anything you've said you gloat your money and say you're God
Well if you're really special
Tell me why you fell and died
When filled up with lead and my metal, I guess the devil has cried
Track Name: Peace
Must've mistook me for someone else
I'm just a single cell trying to move onto another hell
Ringing bells hear the sirens swell
Wont you tell me a story cause I'll be up til the morning
Just trying to own myself I guess you will as well
Im so subject to sell my pretending to protect
The rest of the Rejected Shelf
I guess I'll check my best
I thought I'd already given it or been livin it
No sitting on the thought of a rotten life
He shot in strife and bought his wife
a better looking house for the kids tonight
I just accept I'm white
Why should I bother with the color of my father
From toddler to highest honors
That is a pair of cuffs
Track Name: Asylum
Woke up sweating in a terrified shiver
Seemed to have a dream, they were calling me a killer
No filter, guess it cant be helped
Like a victim of my twisted head, you never gonna tell
Sleeper cell and we made no ransom
Pale as a phantom, when he gonna throw a tantrum?
Banter on the beat canned man in your frying pan
Vampire? Please (trans) transatlantic hiding van
Full paid just to put you in
Not a cave dweller just a hellish looking skeleton
Said I'm a gentlemen, totally not relevant
Only likes to say it cause I comfort on her estrogen
But when she sees inside the mind of this broken hide
She hides from me I'm ugly
Only wanna see the lovely in her fluffy world
of luckies like a dummy
Mister drifter, looking at his blisters
Judging from the waiter to the manager in whispers
Guess you could call it an alcoholic
symbolically making profit from prophets
All knowing not just where his pot is
And where the party at?
Tried to sneak back in like he's a sorry brat
No army combat
Part of me is thinking there was already contact
All deadly comrades

When my bones went cold
Put me in the asylum
Track Name: Strange
Waking up to shaky lungs is not that fun
I'm just afraid that I'll be lazy til I'm late for eighty
And I've been misbehaving, shady and snaky just on the daily
And you judge like I'm a premature baby
I'm fading quickly yet I'm looking pristine
And yes I'm over fifteen so do you need some ID?
My eyes are shifty and my attitude is grizzly
Yes I'm wanting to sit pretty but I'll fail just like your dads kidneys
I'm rolling in pennies by pennies
Yes I've got plenty and then I spent it all at Dennys
You getcha twenties yet you call it a grand
I mean man I cant believe that you would ever be a fan
You talk big like you built a sand dragon
But its hardly a castle and looks more like a bandwagon
Why you braggin? Think your trap should be shut
I'll be the hunter, cooked for supper are your lips and your butt
Life is rough like I took your skin and put it on sand paper
You cant be greater if your taken to the sharp razor
Call the waiter, say my papers out of print
Gonna lose your whole family so I'll leave a big tip

Say I'm salty and I lost my luster
I'm just a sucker making gingers feel good about their skin color
Brother I adjust the sickly to get dizzy really quickly
Wasnt skinny so we cooked him up, nice and crispy
IQ is under fifty, yet he's a famous rapper
He's the schrapnel from the chaos of the music rapture
It left behind all the crap, now it's the 21st century we're wanting it back
Rational is rash said the man who's car is crashed
The national anthem has no fashion so we gave it flash
Dazzled all with cackling jackles like we're dabbling
with devils and we're saddled up with fragile medals
It's awards for the good girls and boys
The ones who sat quiet, diet like we're fasting, if you have a choice
Let's employ some toys who scream destroy
The hoi polloi will want to speak but never have a voice